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Pisces Recipes and Health Tips

The Pisces element water makes these sensitive folks sponges of the zodiac. They so often take on others' feelings as their own and can be too "open" for their own good health. To the other extreme, some negative Pisces will be takers and freeloaders of other people's resources, including having others cook and cater to them. Positively and compassionately, the good Pisces may unknowingly psychically absorb other people's energies and can have trouble setting boundaries to avoid being drained.

The water element should be used daily to cleanse the many "bodies" around the Pisces. The physical body needs to be daily flushed of toxins by drinking fresh water. Soaking in a tub (with epsom salts) or the ocean will help cleanse the auric field. Swimming helps release dark, toxic pockets that can accumulate in the armpits, back of knees, between the toes, and in the ears.

Creating visual effects of live fish helps the emotional body and is calming when Pisces feel scattered and out of sorts, which is often. An fish aquarium, a fish screensaver, and colors of sea-mist green used in your environment will aid self-healing. Water falling or trickling on a simple table top fountain in the background is a continual reminder to the subconscious that cleansing the mental and spiritual bodies can be an on-going and effortless process.

The Astrology of Pisces
The Days in Pisces: February 20 - March 20
Element: Water
Modality: Mutable
Ruling Planet: Neptune
Key Phrase: I Believe
Lucky Number: 7
Color: Sea-mist Green


Recommended Foods for the Pisces Physiology

Fish - Your best source of protein.
Fresh Salads
Grains and Multigrains
Sweet Potato
Wine in Food - Alcohol cooked out.

No Alcoholic Drinks
No Dairy and Milk Products

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