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Natural Pet Food Recipes


ASTROLOGY-RECIPES.COM - Easy to prepare recipes for every astrology sign.

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Aries likes hot and spicy, plenty of appetizers, and red foods.
Taurus loves sweets and heavy and hearty carbs.
Gemini lives for variety and runs on snacks and food to go.
Cancer needs comfort food.
Leo likes flaming entrees and must have meals fit for the gods.
Virgo This practical earth sign wants fresh herbs on their organic food.
Libra needs extra time at the table to decide what they want.
Scorpio intensely flavored food is erotic.
Sagittarius needs exotic foods in exotic places.
Capricorn Oatmeal and stick-to-the-rib foods are enough for this sign.
Aquarius They only eat food because they're stuck here on earth.
Pisces Seafood feeds this Neptunian's dreams.

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